Cell Warrior: Page 1
Posted August 17, 2015 at 04:00 am

Illustrated by Kelly Bastow • kellybastow.com • Tumblr • Twitter •

Colored by Jonathan Godfrey • jsgodfrey.com

Written by Ryan Estrada • ryanestrada.com • Tumblr • Twitter •


And now, we return to the run down makeshift prison where Aru the guard has found himself the lone man holding the fort after a riot has killed or run off all of the other guards.

This is Cell Warrior, and I'm honored to have worked with the amazing Kelly Bastow on this one. It was inspired by a friend of a friend, serving in the Korean military, who found himself guarding his former superior officer, who would likely be his superior officer once again as soon as he finished his brief stint in jail.

Tune in tomorrow for a new page, or you can skip the wait and binge-read Broken Telephone from beginning to end at The HivemillSellfy, or Comixology.

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