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Posted December 30, 2015 at 06:00 am

Illustrated by Matt Cummings  • eiffelart.ca • Tumblr • Twitter •

Written by Ryan Estrada • ryanestrada.com • Tumblr • Twitter •


Okay gang! We done gone do this! This is it. The FINAL CHAPTER. Many people have told me they've loved the ending, one person really, really hated it. Let's see what y'all think.

When we last left Lao, he had been thrown in jail for making a Twitter proxy, escaped, fought a shark, been chased through a city, been told off by revolutionaries, and sent to the beach to meet a boat that would take him to safety... if he can just find a phone to call the boat with.

Some reader were apparently confused by this chapter, not recognizing Lao do to the costume and art style change. As the editor, I guess I did a lousy job maintaining consistency. So some may have missed that all of these are the same character...

This chapter is drawn by Matt Cummings, who you may know as the artist behind the Boom! Studios comic Power Up! Or his own comics Bluenose or Battle Dog. Matt is amazing and wonderful.


You can binge-read Broken Telephone from beginning to end at The HivemillSellfy, or Comixology.

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