Disengaged: Page 11
Posted January 13, 2016 at 06:00 am

Illustrated by Matt Cummings  • eiffelart.ca • Tumblr • Twitter •

Written by Ryan Estrada • ryanestrada.com • Tumblr • Twitter •



Well, that's it. Everyone thought they were the hero of the story, but it was their own mistakes and assumptions that caused everything from the start. It truly was... a game of Broken Telephone.

Thanks to all the amazing artists who made this happen, and to all the amazing Kickstarter backers who ALSO made it happen.

Thank you SO much for reading. If you've ever been kind enough to link to or review Broken Telephone so that others can find it, e-mail me a link and I'll send you the TOP SECRET bonus book Unbroken that explains what happened to each character after the story ended. Even if your review is "this comic sucks thppppppt" or if you do it just now just to get the free book. ESPECIALLY if you post "this comic sucks thpppppt glad its over" RIGHT NOW just to get the free bonus book.

We'll be back tomorrow for the back cover (which will function only to hide spoilers from new readers) and then Manisha will be back this Spring in the radio drama spinoff Big Data. See you then. Be sure to follow me on wherever you follow people so you don't miss it!


You can binge-read Broken Telephone from beginning to end at The HivemillSellfy, or Comixology.

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