Hard news: Page 1
Posted November 17, 2015 at 06:00 am

Written and Illustrated by Ryan Estrada • ryanestrada.com • Tumblr • Twitter •

Welcome to Hard News! When we last left Consul General Rick Rogers, he had been trying to convince a fellow diplomat that he had some power, and bluffed his way into everyone thinking he was trying to hijack the plane. A wacky series of hijinx left him buried under a pile of bodies in the little food service room.

This is the chapter illustrated by me! And it's also the chapter that was reworked the MOST because I was so nervous about looking like a hack in my own book (the only drawback to hiring such amazing artists!)

Originally, the first Rick Rogers story was supposed to go here. It was the finale! It all ended with him getting tackled. I was supposed to draw the earlier one, and it was simply him trying to negotiate a political deal from the airplane toilet while a line formed outside. Like an undignified episode of West Wing. But it started slow, so I cut the script, and moved all the other episodes back. I wrote a new chapter so that everything ended on him under a pile of bodies. How could it possibly get worse???

Then, once I saw how amazing everyone else's work was, I knew I really had to kick it up a notch. I needed to make things MUCH worse for Rick. so that's where this story came from.

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