Isolation Zone: Page 1
Posted October 13, 2015 at 06:00 am

Illustrated by Chad Thomas  • • Twitter • TMNT: New Animated Adventures

Written by Ryan Estrada • • Tumblr • Twitter •


Welcome to Isolation Zone! This beautiful new chapter is brought to you by the amazing Chad Thomas who took time off from drawing Ninja Turtles to knock this story out of the park. When we last left Gerald and Emel, the two rival assassins had just finished a showdown in the airport bathroom. Emel shot Gerald's partner Peter with a 3D-printed gun and shoved him in a suitcase. We continue from there.

Now that Manisha's story is wrapped up, here's a little bonus feature. Manisha, as portrayed by 5 artists.

That's her in This is How You Die, Broken Telephone, and... what's that on the end? That's just my way of teasing MANISHA WILL RETURN.


You can binge-read Broken Telephone from beginning to end at The HivemillSellfy, or Comixology.

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