Savior Complex: Page 1
Posted September 2, 2015 at 06:00 am

Illustrated by Will Kirkby • Tumblr • Twitter •

Written by Ryan Estrada • • Tumblr • Twitter •

 Welcome to a new chapter of Broken Telephone! When we last saw Lao, he had just hacked a shark, escaped a rip tide, and found himself at gunpoint. We now rejoin the chase scene in progress.

And holy shoot, you want a chase scene, Will Kirkby is the man to get. I think the script said something like "Lao runs past some buildings." The dude drew the ENTIRE TOWN. You can zoom in on the tiniest details in these panels and feel like the town's so real you could live there.

Tune in tomorrow for a new page, or you can skip the wait and binge-read Broken Telephone from beginning to end at The HivemillSellfy, or Comixology.

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